Optalex Suite

With our set of web programs is possible optimize the press process, keep the extrusion speed and temperature under control and analysing the extrusion data

Optalex Suite
Control the press
OptalexCore - Client
Review And Analysing
Set of web programs
Web Application
1 OptalexCore
2 Clients
3 Playback
4 OptalexManager
5 Reports, PDF and Excel format
Main Features
Microsoft Asp.net core,.NET 5, C#, HTML5, Javascript
Standard PLC communication interface with all PLC brands
SQL Server database
Easy installation with no Press downtime
Multi temperature camera support
Is the main web application that handles the data exchange with the PLCs, Sql Server Database and the Clients
Main Features
Combined Ram Speed and Exit Temperature control
Isotermal Extrusion
Die extrusion full recipe
Locked recipe
Two touches Downtime
Exit Temp. Camera, Billet Temp. Camera, Billet Scan Camera, Quench Camera 1, Quench Camera 2
Recipe position for Exit Temp. Camera
Profile Quench Rate
Collect estrusion data every second
Profile Weight at avery billet
Furnace Billet Control
Much more
Client Web user interface
Main Features
Show all the main extrsuion values
User Login with Policy
Easy way to change the recipe extrusion parameters
Easy way to change the billet furnace parameters
Shift Productivity Target Window
24 Hours DashBoard
Billet Profile Weight Window
Locked Recipe Changes Log
Devices Status Window
Downtime Editor Window
 Show Client Web Interface
Client Web user interface
 Show 24Hours DashBoard
24Hours DashBoard
Is possible review all the past extrusions data second by second
Main Features
Multi Press selection
Search by order,die and date
Show all the main extrusion data
Show the complete extrusion in few steps
Move the mouse and get the extrusion values
Share the order link
24H DashBoard
Order Timeline
Profile Quench window
 Show Playback Web Interface
Playback Web Interface
 Show Profile Quench
Profile Quench
Is possible manage recipes,downtimes and users on all the presses
Main Features
Multi Press selection
Create,Modify and Clone Die Recipe
Create and Modify Downtime reasons and main areas
List,Split Downtime reason time
Create,Modify Users Policy
 Show OptalexManager Recipe
OptalexManager Recipe
 Show OptalexManager Downtime
OptalexManager Downtime
 Show OptalexManager Downtime Arrange
OptalexManager Downtime Arrange
Different reports are ready to be used
Main Features
PDF report sended by email
Production reports
Downtime reports
Users actions reports
Every Order,Day and Week reports
Excel Based reports
Customized reports
SQL Server database
Main Features
Full documented database manual
Every Order Table
Every Billet Table
Every Second Table
Excel Export Program